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Eruditio at Griffin specialises in learning-related services and technologies. We offer consulting, development and training services using cutting-edge technology and software.

Eruditio at Griffin s built on the values ​of innovation, equity, integrity and fairness. This is why, our business' relationships are based on trust. The efficient structure of our company allows us to rapidly and efficiently adapt to your needs and context. We make sure that our work offer the best return on your investment. Since 2001, Eruditio at Griffin has aquired the experience needed to develop and implement learning and technological solutions of all kinds. We have been providing cost-effective answers and have hundreds of customers and we have the know-how to take good care of your most important needs. Eruditio at Griffin is the there to help you achieve your company's goals.

Our Mission

Eruditio at Griffin s committed to developing solutions that are tailored to the needs of each client, big and small. Solutions may include training services, consulting assistance, development work or whatever it takes to help our clients attain their goals.

Our Approach

We have a pragmatic approach with a strong emphasis on providing value to our customers with solutions that solve real business challenges. We develop enduring relationships with our clients and act as their resource in navigating the rapid pace of technological change.

eLearning is a human performance improvement initiative that employs electronic technology. By that definition, consulting an Internet-based dictionary to find out the meaning of a word is a form of eLearning. Indeed, learning is occurring, therefore improving performance by the means of an electronic technology. Though it is incidental and informal, it falls within the parameters of eLearning.

One of the pitfalls many encounter when developing an eLearning strategy is ignoring the wide spectrum of eLearning possibilities. They limit their potential by centering their approach around the digitization of content via impressive technology. They forget that, much like in the case of the user consulting the Internet-based dictionary, meaningful learning is personal, context-related and most effective when answering a specific need.

What is eLearning?
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Key terminology in eLearning

When you venture into the world of eLearning, you will come across the following terms:

Learning object: a pre-defined parcel of learning that elaborates on a subject or a notion. It is usually developed with rich multimedia.

Learning Content Management System (LCMS): a system that enables the organisation and sequencing of learning objects to follow a preset learning path.

Learning Management Systems (LMS): a system that manages individual learning paths and tracks the learner’s participation and results. It usually interacts with an LCMS and many systems today integrate both.

eLearning and Strategy
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